Thursday, July 26, 2012


Congratulations to Rob Labritz for winning the Club Pro Championships.  His 6 under was enough to earn him the $7,500.00 winners check.  It was not only there championship, it was also there qualifying round that ultimately may earn them a chance to rub shoulders with Phil and Tiger in the national PGA championships. 

Liebold is starting to dismantle there storage and office trailers.  They only have a few more holes to remove the old heads.  By the end of next week they should be totally finished.  I have had a few questions regarding yardage markers on the new heads.   We should have them in about 4 weeks.  We need to make the final measurements and then we can order them. 

We have have been seeding many areas in the rough.  We are paying a lot of attention to the left of number seven.  That area has been a problem as long as I can remember.  We removed all the rocks, brought in good soil from our compost pile, and seeded.  Now that we have irrigation in that area we should have a fighting chance to make that area nice and thick. 

We are going to keep the momentum moving forward by starting our cart path construction sooner than latter. We currently plan on having the contractor start installing the Belgium block mid August. Stay tuned. As the saying goes you have to crack a few eggs to make and omelet.

Rob Labritz looking over a putt. 

Congratulations to Rob Labritz from Glen Arbor and all the other qualifiers. 

Slowly removing there storage units and equipment to there next job. 

Marcos and Adonis adding soil to the rough on # 7.  We have seeded the area and keeping it moist with the new system. 

Friday, July 20, 2012


This week they finished up installing the few remaining sprinklers, and started removing old heads and controllers.  I won't miss those silver boxes. 

Not all brown areas are from the lack of water.  Dollar Spot has been rampant in our roughs and you may have it on your home lawn.  It is the most common turf disease this time of year.  If you have smaller brown circular areas (4-6 inches) look at the area in the morning and see if you have a white cottony growth like the kind in the picture.  If so, you probably have Dollar Spot. 

This Monday and Tuesday we are hosting the  Met.CPC (Metropolitan Club Pro Championships).  If you get a chance stop by and watch.  Especially exciting will be the finish on Tuesday afternoon.  There will be some of the areas finest golfers competing for their championship and a chance to play in the national PGA championships in August. 

Tony and Byron unscrewing old sprinkkers on 16

Say good bye to the old controllers. The new system is operated by radios

Dollar Spot in the roughs. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Last Friday they installed the last head on # 5. They only have a few small areas left to do, and they will be here for a few more weeks demolishing the old system and tweaking the new, but we will have no more hole closures because of the irrigation install.

Victor and Gunner are all smiles as they install the last sprinkler on # 5

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

LAST ONE !!!!!!

This morning Liebold started installing irrigation on our last hole (#5).  None too soon I might add.   This past week has been brutal.  High skies and not a drop of rain in sight. Areas with out irrigation are beginning to stand out as brown dust bowls.  Five should be finished this week.  All that remains is the small rough area behind the fourth green.   

Next, they will start the demolition of the old system.  Old heads, valve boxes, basically anything visible from above ground will be removed.  Say good by to those ugly silver control boxes.  Then on to the punch list, they will review head placement and spray patterns, as well as high or low areas.   

On another related note, it is going to take me some time to figure out this system.  I need to see how much time to keep the sprinklers running to keep things just right.  Not too wet and not too dry.  I am sure I will be working on it for the rest of this season.  

Stay tuned, we hope to start cart paths sometime in September.

Did you ever wonder why #3 is so bumpy?  The fairway is loaded with rocks and over the years the soil has settled around them. 

Mound on far side of fairway turning brown. 

Started by 5 green today.  LAST HOLE !!!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012


You probably are wondering what’s up with our greens.  They are rolling great but boy they don’t look so good.  It is not because of the weather.  It is because we have adopted a new program to keep green speeds up.  Simply put, it is a combination of applying growth retardants with fertilizers.  We are being pretty aggressive with this program and that is why they are off color.  We have recently increased the amount of fertilizer, this will improve the color but because the growth of the grass has been slowed down so much it will take longer for recovery.  I have had many positive comments on the speeds and plan to continue this program for the foreseeable future.   Give me a shout if you have further questions.   I would be happy to explain the program in more detail if you would like.  

Greens are off color, but are rolling nice.

Different types of grasses react differently to the chemicals.