Friday, June 8, 2012


Every year we subscribe to the USGA for a turfgrass advisory visit.  Adam Moeller, is the northeast Representative and was here yesterday giving us some advice and helping to improve our course.  Topics discussed were Irrigation system, new cart paths, Pond weeds, Greens condition and speed, our environmental efforts, capital projects and general turf condition.  He was happy to see that we removed a few trees by the twelfth green and thirteenth tee to improve sunlight and air flow.  The new irrigation system will take some time to fine tune.  Areas that were once dry spots, may well have adequate water and wet areas may now become dryer.    He cautioned us about excessive green speed.  We are aiming at keeping greens 10 to 10.5 on the stimp-meter, perhaps bumping that up for tournaments.   From comments I have been getting from the membership that seems like a good number.   Anything faster would be hard to keep on a daily basis. In general he was happy with the course conditions and agrees that with the addition of the new system and cart paths that are soon to be installed that the course is in for some great additions. 

Blue birds hatched in the bird house on 14. 

Adam Moeller was right on target with his soil probe and hit a  drill and fill hole.  Notice the roots coming out of the sand. 

The new city line is operational.  It if keeps raining we may never need it.

Some night time visitors decided to have some fun with the irrigation markers.