Friday, June 15, 2012


The long range forecast calls for clear skies and warm days.  I hope you get a chance to play and enjoy a nice round of golf.  You may have noticed that some of our tees have turned yellow.  Not to fear this is the result of a growth regulator that was applied a few days ago.  The Idea is to stunt the poa (a less desirable grass) and promote the bent.  The yellowing will go away in a week or so.  

The irrigation system installation is moving along.  We have 3, 4, 5, and 6 left to do.  They are going to install the main lines first then go back and put in the sprinkler heads.  If it seems like things are moving a little slower than when we started, you are correct.  With outings and tournaments we have restricted the amount of time the contractor can work.  This was expected and planned for and is just a part of doing work on golf courses during the season.  We are still expecting a mid to late July finish.  

            We experimented last fall and dug up some plants called phragmites.  These are considered very invasive because they crowd out the native species. Here is how we did it.  First we cut down the plants, and then removed two feet of soil making sure we got all the roots and placed the material to one side.  Then we dug down another two feet and placed that material to the other side.  We then put the first pile in the new hole basically burying the roots of the phragmites by at least two feet.  Then put the sub soil on the surface.   For the most part our experiment seems to have worked.  Tony removed a few remaining ones earlier this week.  We will keep an eye on this area.  Our intention is to create a small natural wet area.    
Installation of Main line across # 4 fairway

Tony Pulling invasive weeds

Yellowing is caused by chemical,  It will go away in about a week.