Monday, May 7, 2012

North American Bird Watch

This coming Saturday is the North American Bird Watch.  Every spring we take a count of the different species of birds that we see on the course.  Last year we counted  43 different species and have seen a total of 66 different species since we started counting.  The count lasts all day, and I will have bird sheets for you in the pro shop.  You don't need to be an expert.  Two years ago we did not see a hawk because is was a damp rainy morning.  They tend to stay put when there feathers get wet.  Some one playing in the afternoon may have seen one.   Our resident specialist, Drew will be here to help us count in the morning.  If interested give me a shout, or just pick up a form in the Pro shop on Saturday. 

Today marks our first golf outing.  Leibold, is taking this opportunity to finish the blue and black tees on eight.  The outing will play from the green tees.  We need to give the outings 18 holes.  Certain areas will be skipped or left until Mondays so that the contractor can keep working. 

I heard that some more coyote pups were sighted last weekend on number 14.    Last years pups have moved on.  Please, do not feed, or leave any food around for them.  We do not want them to depend on us for food, believe me they do pretty well on there own. 

The Purple Martin was spotted last week

Blue Bird on the left of 5

Leibold working on 8 blue, black tees today.