Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It had to end sometime!!!

What do I mean?   Our great run with the weather had to end sometime.  Leibold, our irrigation contractor was on a roll.  He hadn't lost a day due to rain, or snow for more than three months.  On Monday he met his match.  Heavy rains forced him to take a break.  Because of the great weather we are doing extremely well. We have just a few holes left.  16, 17, 3,4,5,and 6.  We are anticipating a July finish. 

Our staff has been busy getting things ready for the unofficial start of summer.  Pool has been planted and most of our flowers are now in the ground.  Just a few touch ups remain.  We are trying to get the fountain back in the pond.  It has not been working since we had our pump house fire.  The pond also has a lot of weeds growing in it.  We are monitoring it daily.  We purchased some grass (weed) eating carp and are hoping they start taking care of it.  I think because of such a warm March the weeds got ahead of the fish and now we are playing catch up. 

We started dragging fairways last week.  When we are not mowing we drag the dew off the grass.  This serves two purposes.  It helps prevent disease.  and it looks like we mowed so your feet are not getting as wet. 

Gary Liebold checking irrigation.

Pete, Installing fountain.  We are still working on the power wire.

Equipment is ready, Too much rain to continue.

Engel is dragging fairways to remove the dew.