Monday, May 14, 2012

Early May

We just received our spring shipment of flowers for the club house, half way house and before you know it we will be sipping margaritas by the pool.  Mothers day signifies the end of frosty mornings and warm weather is on the horizon. 

The irrigation system is moving along at a rapid pace.  We are more than half way done.  As soon as the pipe is in the ground and the sprinkler heads are installed the system is operational, and it was a good thing.   March was the warmest and driest on record.  The system was put to the test quickly.   The contractor is extremely neat and clean.  Once the hole is finished it is quite playable.  As long as they don’t hit any rock that is.   I want to thank the membership for being patient with the installation.  No one wants to play only seventeen holes.  We are hoping to have most of the work completed by the end of July if not sooner.  Once the installation is complete they will begin to remove the old system. 
Our annual bird count went extremely well.  A special thanks to all those who participated.  This years bird will go to the Scarlet Tanager we saw on hole 15.  She was very cooperative and let us take several pictures of her.  A very close 2nd are the  Purple Martins that have come back again this year.  They are considered extremely rare in Rockland County.  They have not nested in Rockland County in over 100years!!!  All of our native and wild flower areas are starting to pay off.  We again have some coyote pups.  They have been spotted on 14.  I have to believe that one of the reasons we don't have any geese is because of the coyotes.  They are natures way of maintaining balance.  Please make sure you don't feed them. 

Thanks for your patience!!!!
Thanks to Mr. Bradley for taking this picture

Coyote pup spotted on 14.