Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Irrigation Update 12

Our Irrigation contractor is in the process of installing the largest section of pipe.  The big 14 inch main will connect the pump house to the seventh hole and the rest of the course.  Larger pipe means a larger ditch which also translates into more time.  They will be on hole 7 for the rest of this week and into the next.  Just to make things a little more difficult they hit a rock pile behind 6 green and had to work around our main line.  Hopefully the rest of the hole will be smooth sailing. 

According to the specs no rocks bigger than 1" in diameter can be back filled against the pipe.  This is to prevent any rocks rubbing against the pipe during periods of freeze-thaws.  They accomplish this task by placing a wire mesh over the ditch and back filling by hand.  Any rocks that are captured are hauled off to our dump.

The picture of the course is from the map in the foyer next to the Audubon Bulletin. It shows how far we have come. I would say we are not quite half way, but close. I update the map as needed, so you can get a quick view of where they are working and what is left. Blue lines are completed mains and green lines mean sprinklers are installed. 

Too many rocks behind 6 green.

installing 14 inch main,  white pipe is our main that they had to go under.

Wire mesh is placed over ditch so rocks are not placed next to pipe when they back fill

Almost half way !!!!