Thursday, April 12, 2012


Our irrigation installation is moving along at a great pace.  The weather has been great.  They have not lost one day due to rain in the last two months.   On the flip side we have had to water more areas than ever before, and are putting the new and old systems to good use earlier than ever.  They did have some problems on thirteen.   A little club history.  Our current driving range used to be holes 8 and 9. (about 30 years ago)  The Club sold those two holes to the Palisades Park Commission and purchased additional land to replace those two holes which are now our current holes 12 and 13.    When the holes were constructed they buried some of the trees in the middle of the fairway's.  That's why we have "sunken areas" on those two holes.  Unfortunately they found a few of them as they were installing the new pipes.  In order to fix the areas we took some fairway  sod from number 2 and sodded the damaged areas.  We will  shorten the second hole fairway just like we shortened the fifth fairway when we expanded that fairway around the new bunkers. 

The Staff has been busy with our spring duties.  We  have made good progress edging many of the courses bunkers.   Because of the mild winter we never painted the stakes.  We sent Chico out last Monday to paint them while the course was closed.  Greens are starting to fill in and are improving every day.  I expect that by the opening scramble they will be in great shape. 

Logs buried in 13 fairway

We had to take sod from the second fairway to fix where the logs were taken from. 

Tony is edging the bunker on Thirteen

Chico is painting stakes, we never got the chance to paint them this winter