Friday, April 27, 2012


The Irrigation system has reached the half way mark.  The large 14 inch main line is now completely installed on number 7.    The main is also installed on number 8 and sprinklers are installed around the green and fairway.  It was not easy,  we did have to negotiate a few small rocks (see picture below).   This is the largest pipe and consequently took the longest time.  

Thank You very much for the rain last weekend.  When we rebuilt the fairway bunkers on number five we destroyed the existing irrigation system.  I was not all  that concerned since we were installing a new one.  The extreme dry weather had us running hoses.  If it gets dry, we will have to do it all over again.  The last holes to be irrigated with the new system will be 5 and 6. 

We took advantage of the pond being so low.  We had a lot of extra soil left over when the main line was being installed.  We had the contractor haul the material to the 8th tee.   We were loosing shore line due to erosion.  We are getting sod  next week to finish up the job. 

We took advantage of the last frosty morning and started getting the benches ready.  The winter was so mild we never got a chance to paint them.  It is a good problem to have. 

Brian, our irrigation engineer posing by a rock we could not move. 

We have to run hoses on number 5 because we have no irrigation in that area. 

We have lost a lot of shore line due to erosion

Liebold helped us out by hauling extra soil

we had some sod, more is on order

taking advantage of a frosty morning