Saturday, April 7, 2012

First Week Back

You may or may not know that this has been the first week that we have been fully staffed.  The crew hit the ground running.  Our most important spring task is clean up and for the most part we have cleaned up the entire course.  We also started edging bunkers and have finished  the back side.  We will start the front side next week.  We not only edge but we check the depths of sand.  We maintain a 4 inch sand depth  in all our bunkers.   This helps keep them as consistent as possible.  We have been mowing, but because of the cold night time temperatures the grass is just starting to come out of dormancy.  We are not on our normal mowing schedule.  to keep things simple, different types of grass grow better at different temperatures.  You may have noticed that the areas on our greens that were affected by last years severe winter look different than the rest of the green.  This is because the Bent Grasses could survive last years ice cover and the poa was killed.  The surviving Bent grasses are slower to start growing because they need warmer soil temperatures.  Once the soil temperatures warm up they will start to grow and resemble the rest of the green.    

We have made a slight rule change this year. Our green staked flower beds are no longer MANDATORY relief.   If you would like, you now have an OPTION.    You can play it where it lies or take relief (no closer to the hole) There is no penality. Ask Bobby or myself if you have a question regarding this rule change.

The staff hand rakes all the bunkers on Saturdays