Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Augusta and the Masters

To me the Masters has always gotten my Golfing juices flowing.  It's signifies spring and the upcoming golf season.  We have had a record breaking warm March both being warmer and drier but with today's frost it seems we are back to somewhat normalcy.  April means a fully staffed Greens and Grounds crew.  Yesterday, was the first day back for  most of the staff.  We have hit the ground running.   Our priorities are getting the course cleaned up and ready for play.  We have already started edging bunkers, getting ball washers and garbage cans ready to go and will continue with our clean up efforts.

Greens are starting to recover from our late fall aerification. In a few more weeks we should be fully recovered.  Unfortunately, aerification is a disruptive process that must be done if we are to insure good surfaces in the future. 

The Irrigation install is moving along nicely they are working on #9 today.  We are in the process of checking depths of sediment in our pond to determine how fast the pond is silting in and how much material needs to be removed if we dredge this fall.  We are in the final planning stages regarding our cart paths.  We are going to review the plan and specs and hope to have a few contractors here to bid on the project by the middle of the month.  Work is expected to start this fall. 

Hard to see but we have a good frost today. 
Probing the pond for sediment depths.