Monday, March 5, 2012

Irrigation update 8

Sorry for the delay since my last post.  I was away last week at the Golf Industry Show.  I received some good  ideas of different materials to use on our cart paths.  Reviewed the  irrigation system programming, lightning detection devices, and new water saving features.  There were many different types of equipment, fertilizers, plant protectives and seed varieties to learn about.  A major topic of  concern to me and us, is the increase in governmental regulations.  Most do  pertain to environmental issues.......For now I better just stick to the course and the irrigation system. Other wise I will run out of room.  Just because I was away the work here still progressed.   Leibold finished up the main on 13 and started installing irrigation heads on 11.  Now you can get an idea of what the finished product will look like.  They pull the pipe and wire from the mains to the individual heads.  It moves along quite nicely as long as there are no rocks.  The pipe is then connected to the main, heads are adjusted and sod put back. 

As of March 1st the Pro Shop is open.  This means carts are now available.  We check the course daily for carts.  Call putt (845-359-7888) for course conditions and cart rules.  Because of the mild winter the entire course is open.  This includes holes 12 threw 17.  We will have one hole closed during the week for the irrigation installation.  We will post which hole on the first tee board every day. 
A small section of the golf show

Getting started pulling the pipe and wire.

Blade is in the ground and they are pulling the pipe and wire

adjusting the irrigation sprinkler

The wire splicing is very important. 

finished section on 11, notice the two heads on the edge of the fairway.  One is for the fairway the other is for the rough. 

another example,  single head in center of fairway.