Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I will trade you pictures for a 1000 words

I will let the pictures do the talking. 

transplanting plants behind 12 green to hide building.
Course clean up is our major concern.   We will be fully staffed starting next week. 

Working on # 1 today
Running our first computer program 

Rick is installing  the lightning detection system sirens

After heads are installed they flush the pipe to remove any debris

Mr. Liebold himself getting right down to it!!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

irrigation update 10

I have gotten a few questions regarding how much and where we stand regarding the irrigation installation.   I got a copy of a the design map and will color in areas that are done. Blue lines represent that the mains have been installed and green lines will mean sprinklers have been installed. The map is located in the foyer by the Audubon Bulletin board. A quick glace will tell you just what has been accomplished and what remains to be done.  For example we have holes 10, 11, and 18 completed.
(click picture to enlarge it) 

This map will show what has been done.  You can easily track our progress. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Congratulations to Rockland

Last Thursday, Rockland Received the Prestigious Arthur P. Weber Environmental award from The MGA (Metropolitan Golf Association).  This is a very prestigious award and the club should be very proud of our accomplishments.   I would like to thank our committee for helping and implementing many of our environmental programs.  Mr. John Bradley, Mr. Rodger Daly, Mr. Drew Cyganic, Mr. James Kushner, Mr. John Lampkin, Mr Doug Mattliano, Mr. Sean Traynor.  and  Mr. Thomas Torpey (Past Green Chairman)  The award will be prominently displayed by our Audubon board and a sample of the application will be posted.  Please take a moment to read about how we manage the course as environmentaly responsible as possible.  If interested there is a short story about the award on the MGA website at:  http://www.mgagolf.org/news/2012/march/rockland_award, and there is a photo on the mgagolf.org homepage

On the home front the irrigation system is moving forward. We even have water from the new system on a few holes. They will be working on hole number 1 for most of this upcoming week. The greens are just starting to heal and the course is starting to take shape. We still only have our winter staff so progress is a little slow. Speaking of staff I would like to thank Peter, Ted, Greg, Owel, and Tony for holding down the fort last week. I took a quick break while my daughter had a week off from college to recharge my batteries. I am back and ready to go. Lets hope for an early spring.

PS:  I saw Blue Birds yesterday for the first time. 

From Left to Right:  Gene Westmorland MGA ,Members: Doug Mattliano, Tom Torpey, and Ken Benoit MetGCSA accepting award. 

Josh is adjusting Irrigation heads on number 11. 

Pete is mowing greens today.

Our rock pile is expanding. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Irrigation update 9

Another week has passed and steady progress has been made. The irrigation is now completely installed on number 10. Next week they will start work on #18. The new system is totally computerized. Work was done this week in the shop setting up all the controls. One added benefit with the system is a new lightning detection system. We will now have horns located around the property to sound an alarm if lightning is in the area. This is much better than sending out Pete Murray with his air horn. When lightning is detected it also shuts off the computer to avoid any damage to the components.

Mike installing the latest software

Number 10 after installation ---can't even tell they were there

Close up of new irrigation heads just off the edge of the green.

A new water slide?   No just a cover to keep the seed  a little warmer and stop erosion. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Irrigation update 8

Sorry for the delay since my last post.  I was away last week at the Golf Industry Show.  I received some good  ideas of different materials to use on our cart paths.  Reviewed the  irrigation system programming, lightning detection devices, and new water saving features.  There were many different types of equipment, fertilizers, plant protectives and seed varieties to learn about.  A major topic of  concern to me and us, is the increase in governmental regulations.  Most do  pertain to environmental issues.......For now I better just stick to the course and the irrigation system. Other wise I will run out of room.  Just because I was away the work here still progressed.   Leibold finished up the main on 13 and started installing irrigation heads on 11.  Now you can get an idea of what the finished product will look like.  They pull the pipe and wire from the mains to the individual heads.  It moves along quite nicely as long as there are no rocks.  The pipe is then connected to the main, heads are adjusted and sod put back. 

As of March 1st the Pro Shop is open.  This means carts are now available.  We check the course daily for carts.  Call putt (845-359-7888) for course conditions and cart rules.  Because of the mild winter the entire course is open.  This includes holes 12 threw 17.  We will have one hole closed during the week for the irrigation installation.  We will post which hole on the first tee board every day. 
A small section of the golf show

Getting started pulling the pipe and wire.

Blade is in the ground and they are pulling the pipe and wire

adjusting the irrigation sprinkler

The wire splicing is very important. 

finished section on 11, notice the two heads on the edge of the fairway.  One is for the fairway the other is for the rough. 

another example,  single head in center of fairway.