Saturday, February 18, 2012


Another great week with good weather.  Yesterday, about twenty people enjoyed the sun and played a few holes.  I knew we would be getting some play so I thought we would roll the greens just to help smooth them out.   They still are pretty bumpy because of the late season aerification.  The rolling did help a little.  You can see by the pictures that we have also been busy working around 12 green and 13 tee.  This week we removed the steps on 13 tee and shifted the cart path to the right hand side. 

The irrigation system install is moving along.  They started working behind 11 and 13 greens. This pipe is larger with more connections. Working with larger pipe just takes more time, so the progress seems to have slowed down but believe me they are working just as hard. 

At this stage I am anticipating an early spring.  The pro-shop opens in less than two weeks. If this weather continues there is no reason not to open up the entire course with carts.  Lets cross our fingers for an early spring. 
before picture with steps

Steps removed and ready for sod.  This slope is not too steep, so it is very accessible for walkers. 

Stump holes filled with good soil, ready for sod. 

Owel rolling greens for the weekend. 

Just an example of the size of pipe and connections needed behind 11 green.