Friday, February 10, 2012

Smooth sailing....Almost

While the weather has been fantastic we have hit a few hiccups along the way.  What's a few rock's amongst friends?  I did tell the contractor that this is Rockland Country Club for a reason!!!!!   Rocks of this size do slow down progress  they need to be dug out or moved out of the way.   It is also amazing how much we have underground.  The old system with wires and pipes, drainage pipes and culverts, power and telephone wires, Well and Septic lines Just to name a few.  Our old system needs to remain functional right up to the time we switch to the new one.  Old pipes and wires need to remain intact.  We will end up operating two systems at once, when we get into the season.  It is vital that all components of the old system be avoided or fixed.  

Rocks on #2

Old wires, and pipe that have to be kept intact

This bad boy was by 18 tee

He is glad it's finally out of the way

Pile of rocks hit on number 10