Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I thought I would take a moment to recap the master plan.   

  • New Irrigation System:   So far so good.  The weather has been fantastic and has allowed us to get as far as we currently are.  The contract was signed on December 17.  Because of the Holidays and the vast amount of materials and equipment that are needed to install the new system the “shovel” in the ground happened on January 26th.  Since then they have been installing the main lines.  These are the larger pipes that run parallel with the fairways and will carry the larger volumes of water needed to irrigate the course.  They started at the shop because they needed to install the necessary wires needed to communicate with the sprinkler heads.  To date they have the main lines done on holes, 15, 14, 18, 10 and are working on 11 today.  The plan then is to install the main lines on holes 12, and 13.  When the main lines are completed they will install the individual sprinkler heads on holes 11, 12, and 13.  Those holes will then be finished.  After that they will start installing main lines again on holes 1, and 9.  When they get a section of main lines installed they will start installing the sprinkler heads again.  This process will continue until the entire course is finished. The main reason for this is so that we can operate our old system while they install the new one.  When a section of the course is finished they can shut off the old and turn on the new.  The following is a time line that we hope to follow. Obviously weather and rocks will either make or break this schedule so keep your fingers crossed that Mother Nature stays good to us and the rocks remain small!!!!! 
  • Holes:  11, 12, 13, completed by March - April
  • Holes:   10, 18, 2, 1, 9, completed April - May
  • Holes:  8, 7, 6, 5, completed by May - June
  • Holes:  4, 3, 17, 16, 15, completed June - July 
  • Finished by August 1st.   

  • Pumps, Pump house and Pond:  We are just beginning the stages of testing the levels of silt in our pond to determine the best way to insure the proper amount of water that we need to irrigate the course.   More updates are sure to follow.   
  • Cart paths:   Because this is the last phase of the master plan we don’t expect much of the work to start before this fall.  We may be able to do some work this spring but at this time I am not sure what that will be.   We are currently developing scope of work, and bidding documents so that we can accept proposals from contractors. 

Sorry for being so long winded.  This is a huge project that will benefit the club for many years .  Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions.  Thanks