Saturday, February 25, 2012

Irrigation Update 7

Hello everyone.   Yesterday was miserable with cooler temperatures and cold showers, but was not bad enough to stop progress.  The Irrigation crew was here working behind 18tee, 2 green, heading over to 6 green.  This is one of the bigger pipes (10 inch) that we have on the property.  There are many joints and add a few rocks for good measure  and it seems like progress has slowed down.  In reality they are moving along at a very good pace.   Tony, the foreman on the job, is pleased with the way everything is progressing. 

Our staff has continued to work by 13 tee, and 12 green. The new cart path is roughed out. We just need to fine grade and get ready for seed and sod. Greg, our mechanic, has been working on trailers. they were in serious need of some tender loving care. Because it has been so nice out. we have not had a chance to do a lot of our normal winter painting. This coming week, the pro-shop opens and we expect carts to be used.  The entire course will be ready (except for one hole closed for the irrigation install) We will have to put out stakes, cups and flag poles that have not been painted. It is still very early. It will take more than a few weeks to get the course to the standards we have come to expect. bunkers for example will not be raked until the end of March. We will keep an eye on the weather and if it looks like an early spring we may bring back some of the staff to get a jump on the course maintenance.

larger pipe being "electric fused"

work behind 11 green 

Heading toward 6

base for new path by 13 tee

Trailers getting a face lift

we are way behind in painting