Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Irrigation update 6

Can you believe this weather.  60 degrees February 1st.  I  hope you have been able to get some fresh air and swing the club a few times.  A  few people have been enjoying the course.  We may have to change cups soon!!!! The weather has helped move the irrigation along.  They are almost done with 14.  When finished,  they will start by 18 green and work toward the tee.  We will continue to keep you posted.  

Our staff has also enjoyed the weather.  We are working on clearing behind the twelfth green and around the thirteenth tee to add more sunlight and improve air movement.  We will build a temporary cart path. to the right of the tee and eliminate the steps on the left.  Walkers will just have to walk up a slight incline to get to the tee.  People riding will actually be able to get a little closer and won't have to climb any steps.    It seems most of the players were using that route anyway. 

Sod put back on trenches.  Trying to be as neat and clean as possible. 

Working  on the right of 14 installing the main line.