Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Update Irrigation 3

Work is progressing.  More deliveries of pipe and welding pipes together kept everyone busy today.   The rain has not helped but I am not going to complain about the weather.   We are waiting for the final few deliveries of materials  to arrive.  Most if not all the materials need to be on site before work can progress out on to the course.  This is so the crew is not running back and forth unloading  trucks.  They plan on cutting sod tomorrow from the main lines.   The sod will be placed on pallets and moved out of the way so the trench can be dug.  If the ground freezes to hard to cut the sod we will continue trenching but will have to harvest sod from another area on the course to put back over the trenches.  This will insure that the sod match's our existing roughs. Significant snow cover will certainly slow us down.  So let's hope this weather holds out.  Just as an FYI:  It takes roughly 35 to 40 weeks to install a new irrigation system.  That will put us well into the golfing season.  We are hoping to keep working until the system is fully installed.  We would finish up some time this summer.   That is unless we stop during the summer and come back this fall.  We will make that decision in May.   We are off to a good start but have a long way to go.  

Pipe now extends well down the 16th fairway. 

welding the pipe.  

welding pipe on 14 fairway.