Friday, January 13, 2012


Our contractor Leibold Irrigation has been receiving parts and supplies at a frantic pace.   One of the most important parts of any irrigation system is the pipe.  If a pipe leaks it affects the entire system not to mention the damage it can do.  We are using a newer type of pipe called HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).  It is relatively new to golf courses, but it is actually quite popular in other industries.  It has been used for gas pipe lines for many years.  We are using it because it is considerably stronger.  In the past the cost of HDPE  pipe was much higher than the common PVC pipe that is widely used.  For some reason PVC costs have sky rocketed but HDPE has stayed relatively stable so the difference in cost has become negligible.  

There is a major difference in installation.   You don't glue HDPE.  You "weld" it together.  That also makes it stronger.  There is a special machine that heats or semi-melts both ends of the pipe then pushes the ends together.  Once cooled the weld is stronger than a convention glued connection.   When they start welding pipes together I will snap a picture to show you more.  

Just one of the many deliveries of parts

This is Tony, the construction Foreman in his office trailer

Our first delivery of pipe.  

Tony unloading the pipe with there forklift truck