Saturday, January 21, 2012

Irrigation Update 4

It is snowing right now but the forecast is for some warmer weather arriving on Monday.  The snow is not stopping  Shawn and Josh who are here today fusing some fittings together.  This week was spent accepting more materials, cutting sod and stacking on pallets and fusing more pipe together.  I took a short film while they were fusing a 4 inch pipe  to better describe the process.  "Steven Spielberg I am not"  but you will get the idea.  It takes more time than I realized especially on the larger pipe and it makes a lot of sense to spend time getting the pipe ready to be installed.

Ira Wicks our tree company  was also here this week cutting down trees around the twelfth green and thirtieth tee to improve air movement and increase sun light. The added light is much needed especially on the twelfth green.    

Josh and Shawn working in the shop fusing fittings


They are just harvesting the sod where the irrigation trenches will be dug. 

Removing trees for more sun light on twelve green.