Friday, December 16, 2011


Not a moment too soon.  At last report this was the last week we could get sod before they stop harvesting.   Number five is complete.  Sand and sodding have been finished.  We are left with some scars, namely a haul road which will be leveled and seeded next spring.  Number 11 is complete except for adding sand to the bunker.  We hope to finish that next week. 

Good news,  The loan has been secured.  We can now start the process of installing the irrigation system.   It will take three weeks for the construction company to mobilize.  (May be even a little longer with the holidays)  Mother Nature holds the cards in respect to when they will start.  We will keep busy these next few months obtaining  permits for pond work and finalizing cart paths.  Now is the time to prepare so when the weather warms up we can hit the ground running.  I will certainly keep you posted  with weekly updates during the winter. 

The staff has been busy.  The drainage on 17 is completed.  We have started our winter maintenance on all the machines.  Frosty morning have allowed us to split some wood.  If you have a fireplace and want a few pieces please feel free to stop by the shop and pick up a few.  Stop and say hello,  we always have a pot of coffee on the burner. 

If I don't get a chance to update this,  Have a great Holiday and a Healthy and wonderful New Year. 

Five Fwy. bunkers completed

5 green right side bunkers completed

Number 11, we only need to add sand.  (the white bunker floor is from the liners) 

number 11 before the addition of the bunker. 

Friday, December 9, 2011


Remember it’s the turtle that won the race.  It seems every week we are hampered by some kind of rain event.  This past week was no exception.  Just as we were ready for sod the rains came.  But we have kept a steady “turtle like” progressive attitude and it is paying off.  We have scheduled a sod delivery for Monday.  (They got rained out also).   That should sod most of the area by five green.  We will follow that up with a load later in the week and that should do it.  Only thing left is installing the sand and they may start that today.  

We have started removing invasive weeds in the native area on 14. Invasive weeds have become a big problem and we don’t want them to expand any more than they already have. We have found that the best way to remove them is to just dig them up. The area will be seeded with a native mix of wild flower seed. The low area will be filled with bog type plants that can handle wet feet. More info on this to follow.
There may be some exciting news regarding the irrigation system. The club is very close in securing the bank loan and signing the Contract with our Irrigation Contractor John Leibold. Work may start next month weather permitting. (The turtle keeps on going) 
covering bunkers on five in prepartion of the rains.

sodding the fairwy expansion on 11

#5 green bunkers getting ready for sod

invasive weeds on 14 left of path by tee.