Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It is the time of year that the seasonal staff gets laid off.  The leafs (or most of them) have been picked up and the grass has stopped growing.  I want to say a big thanks and job well done.  This has been a interesting year.  Snow in October, Tropical Storms, Hurricanes and even an earthquake for good measure.  I hope to see everyone back next spring.

We are still busy with our bunker projects.  The recent rains have slowed down progress but we are still moving forward.  We just got the sod down on 5 before the sky's opened up again.  We will start work on 11 next week.  No real updates regarding the irrigation system,  The appraisers were here and seem to be ahead of schedule.  There have been some other issues that have popped up.  Hopefully we can still get approvals by the middle of next month.  

I want to say thanks to the staff for a job well done this year. 

Sod was just installed yesterday on number 5

we covered the hill with plastic because of the heavy rains expected,