Thursday, November 17, 2011


Last night we received over one inch of rain.  That has put a delay on the construction projects.  We will give them one day to dry out and start up again tomorrow.  Hopefully we will dodge the showers they are predicting today.  Check out the pictures,  as you can see things are starting to shape up.    On the irrigation front we have met with the appraiser's.  They are scheduled to submit their report to the bank later this month so hopefully we are still on for a  mid -December approval.  It will take at least three weeks for the irrigation company to mobilize and get materials, so the "shovel" in the ground will not take place until January.  There is a lot that can get done at that time, it just depends on how Mother Nature treats us. 



Here, we are saving some fwy. sod

John Harvey marking sand lines

Say good-bye to the tulip tree on five. 

there is always something.  here the main irrigation line runs right through the middle of the new bunker. 

The bunker is shaped and drainage is being installed.