Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The rain is taking it's toll.  Area's that have stayed wet are starting to thin out.  Roughs are not immune,  add cart traffic and maintenance equipment and it only compounds the problem.  I listened to the forecast last night and it looks promising for the next several days.  hopefully they are right and we get some good drying weather.  I appreciate all the help with carts.  I know it's not fun staying on the paths, but with this extreme weather we have had no choice.  Please use the same caution regarding blue stakes.  We will have several wet areas for the next week or so. 

We have started seeded some rough areas.  Now is a good time.  (actually a couple of weeks late but you can't seed if it is raining!!!)  Preemergent control for crab grass has worn out.  This time of year there is little competition from weeds that makes fall seeding ideal.  We also are anticipating a "good chance" keeping the seed alive next year because of the new Irrigation system.  Please play these areas as ground under repair and avoid the areas with carts. 

I have had a few questions regarding small holes on the greens. They are from sampling.  We are having our soils tested for nutrients, Ph and other items  that I wont bore you with, but it is a good idea to have your soil tested to see what is happening.  Especially Ph. 

Finally we are adding some more drainage on the bottom of 14.  These areas just are not drying out. 


new drain on 14

Seeding roughs

Mole 1 Ceplo 0 (We tied last week)