Thursday, September 15, 2011


We are still wet in areas from all the rain.   Areas that are not normally wet are giving us problems because they do not have any drainage. I am watching these areas, if they don't dry out shortly we may have some permanent turf loss.   Hopefully we will get some good drying weather and by next week we will be able to remove all the blue stakes. 

We have all heard the battle cry "do more with less" and we certainly have had to tighten our belts.  Recently the "less" has been TIME.  last week we lost a day because of the holiday.  This week we loose Friday because of the tournament, not to mention all the time lost because of the rain.  The good news is we are starting to recover and will have the course in pretty good shape for the member-member.  We will have all the rough mowed for the first time in two weeks.  We are a little behind in divoting fairways and hope to catch up next week. 

The exciting vote  on Saturday, September 24th. will determine the path of the club for the foreseeable future.   A new irrigation system will help us improve the condition of the course.  The irrigation system is the most important tool that a superintendent has to maintain good conditions.  The cart paths are the eye sore of the club.  fixing both these situations well greatly improve Rockland Country Club.  If you have questions about any of this please do not hesitate to ask.    I hope to see everyone on the 24th. 

In closing,  we are holding our annual Bill Moran fishing derby on Sunday, September 25th. from 4:30 to 5:00.  Let me or Roisin know if you can make it.   It's a fun day with some very good fishing.  

Last years fishing derby

Still wet in areas, please avoid blue staked areas.