Sunday, September 4, 2011


At the last Board of Governors meeting we decided to move forward with the strategic plan.  The plan consists of installing a new state of the art Irrigation System that would include all new pipes, sprinkler heads, new pumps and Increasing the depth of our pond.  It also includes fixing all of our cart paths. 

The Irrigation system is showing it's age.  (23 years old to be exact)  We have very poor coverage on our fairways, greens and tees. This translates into many isolated dry areas that we just can not water effectively.  We spend many man hours hand watering these dry areas.  Although the new system will not completely eliminate hand watering it will substantially reduce it.  We also do not have the ability to water the roughs, espically along the fairways.  environmental issues and effecency are also concerns.  There are many other reasons for the installation of a new system.  I  just don't have space enough to list them all here.

Cart paths speak for themselves:   All you need to do is play one round of golf and you will notice that our paths are in very  poor condition.  The strategic plan has reviewed every path on the course.  Some are going to be relocated because of safety concerns and playability,  others just need to be touched up. 

Stay tuned:  We are going to call for a special meeting of the membership later this month to explain the need for these improvements,  time frame when is all this going to start and how long will it take. what can you expect while the work is being done and how all of this is going to be financed. 

In the mean time don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions.  This is a big undertaking to say the least and we need everyone to know what to expect.


Green areas will receive full coverage. 

Cart paths speak for themselves.