Friday, August 12, 2011

Why are you putting more sand in the bunkers?

Some welcome recent rains washed out a few areas in our bunkers so we decided to check sand levels as we fixed the washouts.  We maintain 4inches of sand.  Where does the sand go?  believe it our not most of it is hit out during play.  A very good example is the irrigation head on the left side of the tenth green.  When constructed, the irrigation head was at ground level.  It now sits ten inches below grade.  The next picture is of the sand probe witch shows how much sand has been blasted out of the bunker raising the lip a good foot or so.  We need to keep the sand at a consistent level for playability. The new sand will firm up with in a week or so. In the mean time you may get a plugged ball here or there. No one likes a plugged balls.  We do everything possible to prevent them however, they are part of the game and bunkers are suppose to be hazards. 

buried Irrigation head with blasted sand from bunker

Sand from bunker has raised lip by 12"

Owel smoothing out some new sand.

Who was that man walking around last Saturday?    I would like to introduce Mr. Brian Vinchesi, he is an irrigation engineer.  He was here last week putting some finishing touches on a new irrigation design.   Because interest rates are at an all time low we have been asked to get some idea on what a  new irrigation system, and fix our cart paths would cost.   We are planning on presenting some exciting projects for membership approval in the next few weeks.  I will keep you posted.  

Mr. Bian Vinchesi, our irrigation engineer checking over his map.