Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Butterflies, Aerification, and Irrigation systems


Yesterday We had girl scout troop 40866 from Bardonia, with some help from the sixth grade Cadets Troop 40753 from Felia Festa Middle School.   They were here to tag Monarch Butterflies.  A program called Monarch Watch from the University of Kansas supplies small adhesive stickers with numbers that are placed on the wings of Monarch butterflies to help track there migrations habits.  We were able to catch 5 butterflies.  Check out our aquarium in the foyer outside the locker rooms  we are trying to hatch our own in an effort to help the monarchs. 
Butterfly experts!!!!

Tag on Butterfly 

Today we started aerifying fairways.  We have perfect weather, and are off to a good start.  As you can see there is a lot of equipment involved.  We would never be able to do it in one day with our equipment.  

Over $100,000.00 of equipment allows us to finish in one day. 

Off to a good start

One reason we need to replace our aging irrigation system is the metal parts are stating to rust and leak.  

Small hole in center of pipe.