Monday, August 29, 2011


Hello everyone:    Things certainly could have been worse. Lots of sticks and branches but no major trees fell. Bunkers are a mess, everyone of them needs some king of attention. All in All we came through in pretty good shape. The staff is busy getting the place clean and ready for play.

branches and sticks all over the course

Every bunker needs some kind of attention.  (didn't we just do this???)

Chico blowing leaves and sticks on #5  the vacuum will come by and pick them up. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011


We have done all we can to prepare for Irene.  Sand bags, silt fences, chain saws, blowers and vacuums are all ready to go.   Most safe.  The entire club will be closed tomorrow Sunday 8-28. 
I'll update this blog on Monday and let you know how we fared the storm.

Tony placing sandbags around 16 Bunker

Now we wait. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Butterflies, Aerification, and Irrigation systems


Yesterday We had girl scout troop 40866 from Bardonia, with some help from the sixth grade Cadets Troop 40753 from Felia Festa Middle School.   They were here to tag Monarch Butterflies.  A program called Monarch Watch from the University of Kansas supplies small adhesive stickers with numbers that are placed on the wings of Monarch butterflies to help track there migrations habits.  We were able to catch 5 butterflies.  Check out our aquarium in the foyer outside the locker rooms  we are trying to hatch our own in an effort to help the monarchs. 
Butterfly experts!!!!

Tag on Butterfly 

Today we started aerifying fairways.  We have perfect weather, and are off to a good start.  As you can see there is a lot of equipment involved.  We would never be able to do it in one day with our equipment.  

Over $100,000.00 of equipment allows us to finish in one day. 

Off to a good start

One reason we need to replace our aging irrigation system is the metal parts are stating to rust and leak.  

Small hole in center of pipe. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Steak anyone!!!

No we haven't opened a kitchen,  I mean Stake....    Yesterday I was asked what do we do with handicapped carts when it's wet.  That's what the blue stakes are for.   No carts are permitted in blue staked areas.  They are either too wet, new seeded or sodded or pose a potential dangerous situation. The difference in size doesn't matter.   Smaller blue stakes allow us to quickly mark off areas in the event of a sudden storm.  Green stakes are for regular cart play and are around greens and tees to help direct play to the paths.  Small green stakes are also used to designate flower beds where free relief is allowed.   Hope this clears up any questions. 


Handicap carts may go past green stakes but must stay out of blue staked areas

Friday, August 12, 2011

Why are you putting more sand in the bunkers?

Some welcome recent rains washed out a few areas in our bunkers so we decided to check sand levels as we fixed the washouts.  We maintain 4inches of sand.  Where does the sand go?  believe it our not most of it is hit out during play.  A very good example is the irrigation head on the left side of the tenth green.  When constructed, the irrigation head was at ground level.  It now sits ten inches below grade.  The next picture is of the sand probe witch shows how much sand has been blasted out of the bunker raising the lip a good foot or so.  We need to keep the sand at a consistent level for playability. The new sand will firm up with in a week or so. In the mean time you may get a plugged ball here or there. No one likes a plugged balls.  We do everything possible to prevent them however, they are part of the game and bunkers are suppose to be hazards. 

buried Irrigation head with blasted sand from bunker

Sand from bunker has raised lip by 12"

Owel smoothing out some new sand.

Who was that man walking around last Saturday?    I would like to introduce Mr. Brian Vinchesi, he is an irrigation engineer.  He was here last week putting some finishing touches on a new irrigation design.   Because interest rates are at an all time low we have been asked to get some idea on what a  new irrigation system, and fix our cart paths would cost.   We are planning on presenting some exciting projects for membership approval in the next few weeks.  I will keep you posted.  

Mr. Bian Vinchesi, our irrigation engineer checking over his map.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Hello all my fellow Bloggers,   Just a reminder:  We are not aerifying our greens this August.  We are doing the drill and fill procedure the end of October.  We will be doing what is called knifing or venting.  The picture below shows the tine.  It basically makes a slice in the green to allow water and air access to the root zone.  After a mow and roll you will not even know we did anything.  We are still aerifying fairways on Tuesday, August 23. 

If you have any questions give me a shout back. 



Friday, August 5, 2011


When Richard and Owel went to wash there machines they encounter a hawk. The hawk seemed a little out of place. First it saw its reflection in the puddle, then we think it was just hot and thirsty. Richard was able to pick up the hawk and checked it for any problems. Other than just being thirst everyone seems to be doing fine.  
Hawk is looking at his reflection

Checking for any injuries,  She is doing fine now

Monday, August 1, 2011

Met.PGA Championships

Today is the first round of the Met PGA Championships.  The entire crew started before the crack of dawn.  We have lights on mowers so we can start early.  We needed to, there are over 150 players for both days. 
We mowed and rolled greens, mowed  fairways, tees, and approaches hand watered greens and tees as well as hand rake all the bunkers.  The guys did a great job today.

If you get a chance tomorrow swing by and watch the finals. They have score boards and it gets pretty exciting toward the end. There are also some very talented players. Danny Balin is the pro from Burning Tree. He is tied for the lead after shooting 66 today. Danny has also qualified for the PGA Championships that will be held later this month at Atlantic Athletic Club. Who knows he may be giving Phil a run for his money.  Not only are the players playing for there championships the top fifteen advance to the national qualifying tournament to try and qualify for next years PGA Championship.

Danny Balin teeing off on 17