Thursday, July 7, 2011


Every year we subscribe for a half day visit from a USGA Tour Agronomist. Together, we tour the course and discuss problems and situations relating to all aspects of the golf course. They have a vast amount of experience with all courses in the northeast. A special guest this year was Jim Snow he is the National Director of the USGA green section. He and Northeast Agronomist Adam Moeller shared there expertise with myself and Mr. Tom Torpey Green Chairman. Both Jim and Adam were impressed with the conditions. Winter injury was a big issue and they felt we did a good job getting the greens in as good a shape as they are in. One idea discussed was changing our divot mix. by adding some soil and organic matter, it may stay in place and stay moist for a longer period of time which might help in divot recovery. Unfortunately we have a large supply of divot mix on hand so it may take some time to implement the change. 

From left to right Mr. Tom Torpey, Green Chairman, Mr. Adam Moeller Northeast Agronomist and Mr. Jim Snow National Director of the USGA Green Section. 

Through years of top-dressing we have a nice layer of sand. Sand is preferred because of it's drainage properties and resistance to compaction. You can see however that below the sand layer is a compacted zone. This is the area we are going to attempt to remove by the Drill and Fill procedure.