Friday, July 22, 2011

Trying to stay cool.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow the staff is starting early to try and beat the heat.  Yesterday worked well, but today it is already 85 and its only :00 am.  It looks like we are in for a couple of long days. The  old age of the irrigation system is showing.  Dry areas in fairways, bunker and green banks are showing signs from lack of water.  There really is nothing we can do in fairways because of the piping.  We can hand water greens, tees, and that helps keep things more consistent.  We will also be turning on heads during the heat of the day to try and cool the grass. 

On another note make sure if your grass is going brown that it is water related.  We have been hit with a fungus called dollar spot in some of our rough areas.  Because of time and budget constraints we are not able to treat the entire course with a fungicide.  So we monitor it carefully and depending on where it is.  (for example tee banks are usually not in play) and how severe it gets we do not treat.  It very seldom totally kills turf, but it can make it look pretty bad, and if not properly identified could be mistaken as drought damage.  It is also a very common fungus. So I would not be surprised if you found it on your front yard.

Hang in there,  it is suppose to get down to 85 by Monday

its going to be one of those hot summer days.!!!!!! stay cool 

Dollar spot by two tee

If you notice cottony growth, that tells you it is caused by a fungus.