Sunday, July 17, 2011

THE HEAT IS ON ! ! ! !

Looks like summer has arrived.   Temps. in the high 80's  and 90's with no rain in sight.  We quickly go from mowers to hoses. Because our system is over twenty years old, the individual heads rotate at different speeds and the coverage is not uniform. We were having problems with 13 fairway last year. As a test I placed cups every 30 feet on the right, left and center of the fairway. I turned on the sprinklers for 15 minutes.  Then I measured the amount of water in each cup. The results showed that the Right side of the fairway was receiving twice as much as the left side. Because of the way the system is piped we do not have the ability to turn on just one head at a time. This makes watering a challenge. Trying to keep the dry spots moist while not over watering the wet areas. I ran the same test on a few other fairways and found that some areas just don’t get any water. The sprinklers either over shot or under shoot these areas. So they virtually don’t receive any water from the system.

We also have done a lot of fairway contouring over the years. The contours add character and shot making to the course. In the picture below the irrigation head on the left hand side used to be in the fairway and the one on the right was on the edge of the right side of the fairway. This causes problems with coverage. The far right side of the fairway only receives water from the irrigation head on that side. However the area in between the two heads receives twice as much and there is a big difference in the amount of water the rough needs compared to the fairway.

Greens and Tees have there own issues, but we can keep them in check by hand watering.  We send out 5 men every day to hand water.   This allows us to put the amount of water we need, exactly where it is needed.   There are other issues such as pumps, run times, coverage, and leaks that need to be addressed but for now, we are doing the best we can

Engel hand watering collar of 8 green.