Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America

Yesterday's rains put a damper on things.  We had to cancel the Mixed event and the Lobsterfest was indoors.  Hopefully today will make up for it.  The forecast is a mix of Sun and clouds with temperatures close to 90 with just a threat of an afternoon shower. 
A Change In Plans Regarding our Golf Course Aeration:

There is a change in our aerification schedule this year. Due to Aerification of our fairways the course will be closed on Tuesday August 23rd and the Back side will be closed on Wednesday, August 24th. We will not be aerating greens at this time.

We will be aerating our greens October 24th and 25th. We are using a different procedure called “Drill and Fill”. Along with a conventional aerification a special machine will actually drill holes twelve inches deep and deposit a sand mixture in each hole. As you can imagine this process is both labor intensive and disruptive.

Many area clubs have been doing this procedure for a number of years. Actually we did it here at Rockland many years ago. One of the problems that we have is what the farmers call a “plow pan”. This is a hard compact soil layer that is created from many years of plowing the fields at the same depth. We have a similar problem, after many years of aerating greens at the same depth, a harder compacted layer has developed. By using this machine you break up that layer and at the same time incorporate a better sand mixture

The following pictures will help describe the process. Again, this procedure will be done the end of October. I will keep you posted as we get closer to the date. 

This green has just been completed sand needs to be dragged into holes.

Drill and Fill machine

Close up of green.  Drill and fill holes have sand, conventional aerification holes are yet to be filled.