Friday, July 29, 2011


Next Monday and Tuesday we are hosting the Metropolitan Professional Club Pro Championships.   Well over 150 area club professionals from all over the metropolitan area will try there luck and skill on our golf course.  They are playing to determine there champion for the year and it is also a qualifying round for next years PGA championship.   

Because of the large field, speed of play is a major issue.  We really don't do that much preparation out of the normal.  We will lower our greens mowers by .015 inches (yes we really do measure height of cut on greens by 100th. of inches) That might give us 6 more inches of ball roll.  Greens will be cut and rolled on Monday and Tuesday.  Other than that we alternated our banks mowing.  Usually we mow tee and fairway bunker banks on Monday's and Tuesdays.  Green banks are mowed Thursday and Friday to provide better conditions around the greens for the weekends.  This week we mowed green banks on Monday and Tuesday, so they will be a little higher for the tournament.  If you get a chance swing by,  they have some really good players and the finals are always exciting to watch. 

 Pictured below is Jeff Voorheis, Tournament Director and Frank Darby, Scorekeeper/ Field Staff from the Met. PGA.   They are here today marking pin and tee locations for the tournament.