Friday, June 24, 2011


all hands on deck fixing washouts. 

Yesterdays rains played havoc with the course but it could have been worse. We received 1.82 inches yesterday afternoon. Only a few short miles north of here received over 4inches !!! Rockland County has declared a State of Emergency. the staff started at the crack of dawn and worked hard to get the place in shape. Greens have been double cut and rolled. We mowed most of the fairways however 1, 18, 11, 12, and 13 were too wet. The hard part is fixing all the wash outs. We just made it in time for the morning shot gun. Hopefully the worst is over and the sun shines on us today.  

one of many washed out bunkers

Chico  rolling greens,  despite the rain they are rolling pretty good. 
 Check out the coyote pup video.  I took it a few days ago by five tee.  There have been five spotted at one time and seem to have taken up residence on the course.  They are nice to have around, could they be the reason we have no Geese?  We have taken the approach to try and ignore them because we do not want them to get too used to us.  For there sake, we should let nature take it's course and leave them alone.