Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mid June Update:

Mid June means the U.S. Open, Summer Weather and the Commemorative We are busy getting things ready for the summer months. We want all of our projects finished so we can concentrate on maintenance. The only part left is seeding the haul road that runs in front of the fourteenth tee. We will seed that hopefully today. Hoses and sprinklers got a good work out last week with that heat wave. I’m Glad the weather has changed, the rains and moderate temperatures have the course in good shape.

The handsome bird was taken by three green. It is a cedar Waxwing and is fairly common, but is also a beautiful bird.

The blue birds are getting bigger. You can see there feathers are becoming bluer. The baby hawks have left there nest and can be seen flying over head. On another note, a second nest was found by Juan Carlos the house man to the right of twelve. Mother is seen her keeping a watchful eye on things.
Finally Aramus is seen here pulling out some mile-a-minute vine that started growing next to our new fourteenth black tee. Mile-a-minute is one of Rockland’s most invasive weeds.

Cedar Waxwing

Blue Birds almost ready to leave the nest

A new Hawk's nest on the right of twelve

Aramus, Pulled some Mile-a-Minute weeds.