Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011 North American Bird Watch


To say this years bird count went well is an understatement.
A Purple Martin is nesting in the bird house by the pond on number 8.
It is the first time in over 40 years that Purple Martins have been seen
nesting in Rockland Country. A special thanks to all who participated.
Our very own Mr. Sean Trayner, Mr. John Bradley
and Mr. Drew Ciganek who is an avid birder and local resident of
Piermont. Without Drew's help we would not have identified all
the different species we have here. The following is this years list
of bird we have at the club.

Canada Goose                                                Brown Thrasher
Mallard                                                           Eastern Bluebird
Solitary Sand piper                                         Veery
Wild Turkey                                                   Wood Thrush
Turkey Vulture                                               American Robin
Bald Eagle                                                      European Starling
Red -Tailed hawk                                           Cedar Waxwing
Mourning Dove                                              Gray Catbird
 Red-bellied Woodpecker                              Yellow-throated Warbler
Downy Woodpecker                                      Red-winged Black Bird
Hairy Woodpecker                                        Common Grackle
Northern Flicker                                            Brown-headed Cowbird
Purple Martin                                                 House Sparrow
Tree Swallow                                                Purple Finch
Barn Swallow                                                House Finch
Blue Jay                                                        American Goldfinch
American Crow                                            Northern Cardinal
Common Raven                                            Eastern Towhee
Black-capped Chickadee                             Chipping Sparrow
Tufted Titmouse                                            Song Sparrow
House Wren                                                 Baltimore Oriole

Total of 42 different species counted---WAY TO GO!!!!!!

(Double click picture for a larger view) 

Purple Martin nesting in Box by the 8th Tee

Hawk nesting left side of 15

Drew Ciganek Helping with our bird count