Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I am sorry to say that we are going to keep 10 and 12 greens closed until things warm up enough for some of the seed to germinate.  I'll keep you posted, but we need at least 4 or 5 sunny days with warm nights before we will see some improvement with our greens.  We need to be patient, there is no rushing mother nature.

Last Saturdays rain really hit us hard.  The path on 15 really washed out, areas that normally dry up are remaining wet.   That does not mean we haven't been working. The crew has put on there rain suits and has been working hard raking and cleaning up the winter debris.  The new tees were sodded. Number 8 drop area, and ladies 8 tee will be sodded next week. Irrigation system is being checked to make sure all the heads turn and shut off properly. Tees are currently being aerified, we should finish them up next week. 
15 cart path was severely washed out. 

18 black tee

14 black tee

We have some good germination, these areas were seeded last fall.

16 black tee