Thursday, January 22, 2015


In keeping with our environmental efforts we just had all of the club's (Club-house, Pro Shop, and Maintenance Facility)  Light bulbs changed out to more energy efficient fixtures.   Kirk  and his crew spent the last two day's working on all the lights.   He switched all the ballast and bulbs to more energy efficient one's.  We are expected to get a return on our investment in just a couple of months and our electric bills could be cut in half.    Thanks to Mike, and the Board for getting this process started and carrying through with this nice cost savings.   My office has never been brighter!!!!

Kirk,  working on the fixture in my office

Old Ballast being replaced

New Energy efficient ballast installed.  

Friday, January 16, 2015


Although old man winter has his grip on things around here we have been picking away at some of the projects that have been on my list for quite some time. The cart path to "No Where".  This path between 11 and 18 has been on the list for years. We finally were able to remove it.  

The old asphalt has been taken away and top soil has been added.  The area just needs a quick raking and some sod and we will be good to go.

This planting and mound has concentrated cart traffic by the 13th green.  The rough has always been week and thin because carts did not have enough room to get to the green.  The ornamental grasses that were planted have become invasive. Similar to the area on the right of 2 by the ladies tee.

The good plant material was Transplanted.  I am sure we will see better turf in that area now that the carts have plenty of room to scatter. All that remains is to add some sod and you will never know we were their.

Speaking of invasive grasses.  We found the quickest and easiest way to get rid of them was to bury them.   We don't need to use chemicals and we are returning the nutrients back to the soil. The areas will be seeded to a native flower and grass mixture this spring.

Last but not least, our shop heater finally bit the dust.   It was over 35 years old and we could no longer get parts for it.  As the saying goes the "Irrigation pumps don't break in the winter and the heater doesn't break in the summer"   The new one is more energy efficient so we hope to save a little on our heating bill.   

the old heater.

New more efficient heater being installed.  

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Small catch basin to catch runoff from the left side of 14.

Happy holidays everyone.   We are getting close to wrapping up another year.   I have to say it is nice not having any major construction projects this winter.   It has given us some time to focus on some of the details.   We added a catch basin next to the 16th tee.   This will slow down runoff from the left side of 14. Helping protect water quality in the Sparkill Creek.

Finishing up laying some sod by the cart paths.  
We had just enough warm weather last week to get a sod delivery. We finished laying sod adjacent to some of our cart paths.

fixing the path from 7 fairway to the 9th tee.

 We dug out the dirt path that leads from 7 fairway to the 9th tee and added gravel to make a firm base.   We then topped with mulch.  The gravel also holds the mulch from washing away during heavy rains.

the finished product.   A nice path.

Mr. Brosnan and Dr. Chee Kim getting in what may be the last round of 2014.  It's not cold!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Although winter has not officially started it is certainly cold enough.  I am happy to report that we have been able to get the golf course ready for it's winter hibernation.  All cold weather fungicides have been applied.  All Fertilization has been completed and Just yesterday we were able to finish up top-dressing the greens.   (of course Leaves have also kept us busy).  
Ted top -dressing our nursery,  the last one!!
10 green with it's sand coating.  
I want to thank Carmen for decorating the front entrance.
Just another example of using the courses natural beauty.