Wednesday, May 23, 2018


I have gotten several questions regarding the Bamboo stakes.  They serve a dual purpose. 
We put new ones out every spring.  

The main purpose is they mark our irrigation valve boxes.  We sometimes use the blue bird boxes for the same reason.  

Our second reason is they are nesting sites for Bees.  This is how some of them overwinter.    All kinds of hollow stems are used.  Remember their are over 4000 different types of bees native to North America.   Many of them need our help because of loss of habitat.  

Last weeks storm is a memory for most.  The course is pretty well clean but we still have a few, off the beaten path areas to clean up.  The staff did a great job with the clean up.    

We have a very full compost area.   We will need to spend some time before this fall otherwise we will have no where to put the leaves!!!

Stay tuned for my next post:  getting ready for the unofficial start of summer and native area enhancements.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Yesterday's storm has us scrambling today just to get the place playable.   With so much to do, this is just what we don't need.  Forecast is not good.  Fingers crossed we don't get too much rain tomorrow.  
Lost a nice tree between 6 and 7.  
Large limb down between 13 and 12.  

 Tree at Range.  Will not be missed but will take time to clean up.  

Spring clean up all over again!!  Staff working hard to get the place cleaned up ASAP.  

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


I enjoy this time of year.   Leaves starting to explode from the trees,  Apples, Cherries in full bloom, longer days and the first day I can come to work in a short sleeve shirt and keep the windows down in the jeep. 
Approaches  have been aerified and  top-dressed

We have finished our spring aerification projects.  Just in time for our one day member guest.   In order to keep improving the course conditions we aerified greens, tees, and approaches.   We also top-dressed all the aerified areas.   This will help improve these areas by allowing water and air to better penetrate the soil.  It removes excessive thatch and the sand helps compaction and smooths the surface for better ball roll.   

Freckles Anyone?    Although the construction of our putting green is a distant memory, in the scheme of things it's still a baby.  The light colored grass is called Poa and will eventually take over the entire green.  The good things about Poa:   it can tolerate wear and shade which are conditions just right for our putting green.  Bad things about Poa:   It is very shallow rooted and prone to several disease's.   Give the green a few more years and it will match the rest of our greens.  Sometimes you can't rush Mother Nature.  

First Monarch Spotted this year.   Join us this Saturday for our Annual Bird Count.   Lets see if we can beat our record!!!


Friday, April 27, 2018


Last weekend was a disappointment.  Why?  Because it was our opening tournament and we had enough frost to stop us from getting the course in the condition we wanted.   Things looking a little better for this weekend.  At least no frost.

Greens starting to fill in after aerifing.  Let the good time's roll !!!

 We Aerified all the tees this week but we still need to top-dress them.  Next, we will be aerifying and top-dressing our approaches.  Speaking of which we lowered the height of cut on our tees and approaches by 1/16 of an inch.  In the golf course grass world that's a pretty big difference.   I have to say they look great but have gone a little off color.  Not to worry it won't last long. 

We made great progress in checking sand depths in all our bunkers only a few more remain.  Just in time because the grass is ready to start growing and we will be spending most of our time mowing. 
Mitch did a great job touching up our entrance signs.  You only get one chance to make a first impression.  
Had some extra white Rockland stickers so decided to put them to good use by using them as markers for the "white" golf course.  It is a hybrid of the blue and green courses.    

Club House construction is down to finishing up the punch list.  Looking good.  
A first for Rockland Country Club  and this one had me fooled for quite sometime.  Probably because its considered rare and I have never seen one before.  It is an Eastern Meadowlark.  A great find.  By the way while your here,  why don't you click on our Face Book page for more of the latest and greatest.