Thursday, March 15, 2018


The Lion has roared now we need to see if we will go out like a lamb?  The better half of March is yet to come.  ( I hope).  Things are progressing but slowly.   It looks like we will be Temporary Greens and no carts for this weekend.    The forecast is for cooler weather for the foreseeable future. 

Had a snow squall blow through yesterday evening and covered the place in white again.   Should be melted by this afternoon but we still have a good amount in the shady areas.   12, 14, 15, are pretty well covered. 
Guys are installing some Belgium Block edging next to the path by 16 tee.   As time permits we want to tackle other areas next to paths where people "cut the corners".   Keeping busy. 

The clubhouse is moving along.   The finish work in the hallway has started.

Rugs being installed in the dining area. 

Keep off the newly installed counter tops.    Looking good. 

The new doors leading to the patio extension have been installed and cleaning the main dining room has commenced. 


Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Last Friday we dodged the snow but the wind caused some damage.  It could have been a lot worse.

Half of a tree fell on the left of 15 blocking the entrance to our compost area.
This tree fell from the neighbors property and knocked down a couple of our trees.   This is between 3 green and 4 tee.   Below we used our bucket loader to remove a branch that was in the ditch.

Club house work is progressing.   Lots of activity.

Most of the trees in our capital program have been removed.  We only have two more to go that were decided to be removed just recently.   A couple of these trees had extensive roots that we want to remove.  Soil will be added to smooth the area and then sod.   We don't want anyone who takes a divot to hit a root!!

The forecast is for snow starting tonight but today is beautiful.   This song sparrow is taking advantage and singing up a storm (pun intended).   Hope we don't get too much of the white stuff or at least let it melt fast!!!  #ready for spring.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Today is the last day in February.    It has been a wet one.  (reservoirs are full) We had a little snow followed by some warm days.   All in all I'm not complaining.   Here is what we have been up to.

Earlier snows followed by some warm weather.   Do I see some "green" peaking through!!!

Here is a picture of 15.  One of the greener greens. 

We have been cleaning flower gardens, fallen trees, and getting ready to fill stump holes.   Weather permitting we will bring in a few more of the staff to start getting things ready.  Pro - shop opens Tuesday March 6th. 

Blue birds hang around all year.  Looks like this one is scoping out a nice summer home.

Speaking of homes we "politely" let these guys know they are  not welcome. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


The first day that the Pro-shop will open is Tuesday, March 6th.   Only a few more weeks and if the forecast holds true we may be able to actually enjoy the course.  I know it's wishful thinking (and a long shot) that things will stay this warm but I'm hoping for an early spring.   We just had 7 inches of snow after all.  Club House work is steadily progressing: 

A big day last week when they poured the concrete deck. 

It took a few men and some coordination from the various contractors. 

Finished product looks great. 

Inside is moving along also.  Bar area is starting to take shape. 

View of the course from the new deck.  Too much snow to open but the forecast is for a couple of warm days.  That should take care of the remain snow.   Hope the warm trend continues. 

One issue we will have to jump on this spring is Moss on greens.  We need to make sure we get this under control before it becomes a bigger problem.