Monday, December 5, 2016


We have done a number of bird counts over the years so I tell everyone that I have become a amateur birder and a dangerous one at that.  I mean, I know just enough to think I know what kind of bird I'm looking at or hearing.  Chances are I'm wrong.  But I am always listening and looking for the next interesting Bird that may be visiting the course.  I always carry my camera for these rare moments. A picture also helps me identify what I'm looking at.   This past week was an exceptional week in the birding category....

The picture below is a Sharp-Shinned Hawk.  Sharp-Shinned Hawks are
This is the first time a sharp-shinned let me take his picture.  a very impressive find.  

tiny hawks that appear in a blur of motion—and often disappear in a flurry of feathers. It is  the smallest hawk in North America and a daring, acrobatic flier. These raptors have distinctive proportions: long legs, short wings, and very long tails, which they use for navigating their deep-woods homes at top speed in pursuit of songbirds and mice. They’re easiest to spot in fall on their southward migration, or occasionally at winter feeders.

Not to be out done,  I saw this
A special visitor:  Peregrine Falcon
Peregrine Falcon on the Cell tower
by 15 green.  First one I have ever seen at the club.  Peregrines are the largest falcon over most of the continent, with long, pointed wings and a long tail.  They catch medium-sized birds in the air with swift, spectacular dives, called stoops. They were virtually eradicated from eastern North America by pesticide poisoning in the middle 20th century. After significant recovery efforts, Peregrine Falcons have made an incredible rebound and are now regularly seen in many large cities and coastal areas.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Today is the day.   I really appreciate what Audubon has done for us here at Rockland.  A few donation dollars can go along way in keeping this great program working for us.
For more info log on to:

Thursday, November 24, 2016


President Obama is not the only one who can give Pardons on Thanksgiving.   Saw these guys today picking at some seeds in our native area and thought we could give them a pass today. 😊

Kitchen Staff is busy preparing for a big day.  

Blowing out the system,  putting the course to rest for the winter season.

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Is this the last great day for golf?   The forecast is not so great for the upcoming Thanksgiving week.  Not that it's bad,  it actually is about normal but today is about 15 degrees above normal, mostly sunny and not much wind.   A hard combination to beat.  
1st hole on a beautiful Saturday Morning.  

Picture of the 8th green.  Pond still has a way to go before it's full.  Fountain and Falls turned off for season.  Conserving energy.

   Our contractor got held up on another job but is scheduled to be here next week to level and expand the area on 17.   in the mean time we harvested some sod from the rough  and used it at the pool.  We also are receiving free fill for the black tee on 13.  We literally hit "pay dirt" because the fill is really nice. 
Pool area was in pretty bad shape after a tough summer.

Finished product.  The sod from 17 is much better.   Please replace divots, Repair ball Marks.  It will pay huge dividends  in the spring.   The turf is not growing so any damage will be around until things warm up in the spring.  Divots will sit dormant over the winter but will grow  next year.

This time of year we ask that you place the rakes in the bunker.  That's so they don't get run over by carts or maintenance vehicles and it makes it easier for us to pick up the leaves.

In closing I want to thank the Rockland Business Association for awarding us this years water conservation award.   It's nice to be recognized as a judicious user of water and not a water waster.