Sunday, July 19, 2015


These two pictures are from #13 fairway where water from heavy rains sat for a few days.  The areas actually heated up and turned the grass yellow.  Luckily,  we had a few cooler days and the areas dried out and they are almost fully recovered now.   Too wet is a bad thing in the summer!!!

Here we are installing the pipe that will hold the power wire for the fountain.  Our electrician has been busy installing the control boxes.  We should get the wire in by the end of next week.   We are shooting for the fountain to be fully operational by
the end of the month.  Stay tuned!!!!!

With the heavy rain we  had some mulch wash out by the pump house.
Manuel has been busy making a swale with some rocks to give the water a place to go.    

In the nature is amazing department:  This is a American lady Caterpillar on it's host plant Pussy Toes (Antennaria).   I found 4 of these plants at the nursery this spring.  They are only 6 inches wide and 3 inches high.   How in the world do they find these plants is truly amazing.   

Here is a picture of an American Lady I took last year.

Saturday, July 11, 2015


The golf season is in full swing with today being our first day of our club championships.   Good Luck to all the participants.    The golf course is doing pretty well so far.  Our new putting green is showing signs of wear.  We are keeping our eye on it and plan on babying it through the summer. Winter damaged areas are also receiving some special attention.  The rest of the course is in great shape.
We are going to install the fountain back in the pond on eight.  If you remember we had a fire in our pump house several years ago and the power wire was damaged.  Since then the fountain has been collecting dust at our shop.  Because it has not been used in such a long time we ran a test to see if it still worked.  It passed with flying colors.   On Monday we will begin installing the wire.  Once that is done we will get our electrician to make the necessary connections.    The fountain is a nice addition and it has lights so it will also be visible as you sit on the patio.  

Have you heard our new baby red-tailed hawk?  He (or she) is becoming quite vocal.  She is big enough to get out of the nest and move around and is calling for food every few minutes.  Also, I recently found out that our resident turkeys (I happened to see some chicks the other day. ---hard to do because they stay in the native areas) are great for keeping the tick population in check.  I see them all the time, we have quite a few that call Rockland home.   They are a nice addition.    

A couple of weeks ago chick was small.  the nest is on the right side of seven.  

Chick is much bigger and has left the nest, but can't fly very far.  

Testing the fountain ---still works.

Area mowed where we are going to install the power wire.  
Just learned that the Turkeys are great for keeping the Tick population in check.  

Wednesday, June 24, 2015



The Official start of Summer - - Father's Day - -US Open- -  and the-- BIG !!!

                                             ROCKLAND  vs PATRIOT HILLS 

Big Crowds gather around the big matches today:   Rockland  vs. Patriot Hills

Hanna Morello of Stony Point has no problem with this shot.   Right on the green.  
Team Rockland  surveying a putt on # 1
Emma and Amelia Shen 

No problem 
Team Stony Point showing good form.

Tom Ciufini from Team Rockland

L.Colbert showing great form.

Shawn Sweeney & Jim McCann  :  A special thanks for putting this together.
Everyone had a great time.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Our 2015 Greens and Grounds Staff.  These guys show up everyday at the crack of dawn and get the course ready for play.

From Left to right:   Juan G, Fermin, Manual, Jay, Marcos, Owel, Greg, J-Pat, Chico, Adonis, Jimmy, Ted, Tony, Stan, Jose, Andres, Engel, Jesus, and Aramus.

Nice to see the flagstick in the green :

Some nice spring pictures of the course:     

A box turtle making his way across the 16th fairway.  We helped him along his way.  A nice find, they are kind of rare and need our help.