Wednesday, June 24, 2015



The Official start of Summer - - Father's Day - -US Open- -  and the-- BIG !!!

                                             ROCKLAND  vs PATRIOT HILLS 

Big Crowds gather around the big matches today:   Rockland  vs. Patriot Hills

Hanna Morello of Stony Point has no problem with this shot.   Right on the green.  
Team Rockland  surveying a putt on # 1
Emma and Amelia Shen 

No problem 
Team Stony Point showing good form.

Tom Ciufini from Team Rockland

L.Colbert showing great form.

Shawn Sweeney & Jim McCann  :  A special thanks for putting this together.
Everyone had a great time.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Our 2015 Greens and Grounds Staff.  These guys show up everyday at the crack of dawn and get the course ready for play.

From Left to right:   Juan G, Fermin, Manual, Jay, Marcos, Owel, Greg, J-Pat, Chico, Adonis, Jimmy, Ted, Tony, Stan, Jose, Andres, Engel, Jesus, and Aramus.

Nice to see the flagstick in the green :

Some nice spring pictures of the course:     

A box turtle making his way across the 16th fairway.  We helped him along his way.  A nice find, they are kind of rare and need our help.  

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Finally some rain.  We received .3 inches Sat and another .3 inches last night.   It will not fill the pond but the grass is saying “thank you”.   While I am thanking Mother Nature I need to say a BIG thank you to our members.  Winter damage is not fun and your patience through this tough spring is appreciated.   No one wants to play on slow bumpy greens not to mention having a temporary green.  I need to also thank the staff, it is a lot of extra work seeding, and pulling covers on — covers off,  using different mowers for different heights of cut.  Your patience has paid off, although the greens are far from perfect they certainly have improved to the extent that next week we will start lowering mower heights and start our normal maintenance.  We will continue to seed troubled areas and working on fixing the damage until we are back to normal.


Edging bunkers and checking sand Depths 
Edging Irrigation heads  
We have been busy with our spring maintenance.   We started edging bunkers, trimming irrigation heads and mowing grass.   The severe winter also has taken its toll on our trees.  In particular the White Ash at the pool has to be removed as well as several others on the course.  With Memorial Day just a week away we will be busy this week getting the pool ready and continuing our course improvements. 

Tree at pool is dead and needs to be cut down.  

Our baby owl left the nest last week.  As you can tell she got pretty big.  It was fun watching her grow.  

Thursday, April 30, 2015


As we get to the end of April we are making progress but it is slow.  It's like waiting for a pot of  water to boil.   In a word,  we need -- "Warmth"--.   The turf covers can only do so much.  We need to get the soil temperatures up in to the 50's for a couple of weeks before we see some real germination.  We have started taking plugs from our nursery and everything is seeded.   Progress is slow.

With Soil Temperatures low.  Seed will not germinate.  

15 green as of this week.  Getting better but slowly,

Closer view of 15 green.

Just to see how far we have come---this picture was taken on April 6th.  
We do have a couple of things that are in our favor over last year:     

·         Our irrigation system is up and running.   Last year we didn’t have water until May 8th      because we were working on the new pump house.  This year it  has been easier keeping seed moist. 
·         We have a nursery this year.  Last year our nursery was too young to use plugs because we had just expanded it.   We have already taken some plugs and used them on 14, 2, and 12 greens
·         The damage is not as severe.  Except for 15 green most of the areas are “spotty”.  With  warm weather we can get the seed to germinate and fill in areas. 

·         15 green is our worst green it is worse than last year but not as bad as 14 was.  It is hard to pick an opening date because we really need some warm weather.  We will keep you posted on how things develop.  We appreciate your patience and are doing everything possible to get things back to what we expect.