Tuesday, September 19, 2017


An very exciting end to the member-member tournament.   
Lots of interested spectators watching flight champions competing for over all winner.  

Half the field went down 10 the other half went down 1.  

Mr. Joe Ascolese  in the final group coming down 18. Hitting his approach shot.  

Partner, Mr. Al Johansmeyer next to play.   

Pressure is on, Mr. Tim Lehey  hits approach while partner Mr. Rockford Chun  Looks on.  

Putt on 18 to go into extra holes.    

Great shot from right rough on first extra hole.  

Strategy, strategy, strategy.  

Chance to put the pressure on.  

Great final put to win the match on first extra hole.  

Congratulations to Mr. Joe Ascolese and Mr. Al Johnnsmeyer this years Member-Member overall winners.
Congratulation to Mr. Tim Lehey and Mr. Rockford Chun for finishing in second place.
and Congratulation to all the flight winners.   

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


We have been busy prepping the course for the Member - Member.   Daily, Double cutting and rolling have started.   Working on getting all the rough mowed and detail work done.  Looking forward to a great tournament.   Cool mornings mean a lot of dew forms.  Nice pin,  don't be short!!!

Here is Jay applying a foliar Fertilizer.   Trying to get the grass to grow to fill in the holes but also want to maintain green speeds.  A tough combination.

They say a watched pot never boils.  Well, I can tell you that watched aerification holes never heal. At least it seems to take a long time.   Luckily of course the water boils and yes the holes do heal. Greens are getting better and better every day and we are only a couple of days away from putting this years aerification behind us.  

Greens are in good shape just need a little more time to heal over.

Some areas are almost completely healed.

Other areas need just a few more days.

Ball roll is not that bad.

Thursday, August 31, 2017


Getting ready for the unofficial end of summer.   Hope you are able to get some time to play a few rounds this weekend.  Greens are starting to heal from the aerification and Fairways are very playable.    We just started mowing greens with old mowers.  Why old mowers?  because there still is enough sand on them to dull the mower blades.   It will take a few more days for the grass to grow around the sand to the point that the sand will not affect the cut.  but we are still able to mow even though we don't get that great a cut and rolling also helps smooth the surface.   
It has only been 9 days since we finished aerification.  Won't be long before we are back in great shape.  

  Close up view.   Holes are filled in and enough sand is on the surface to dull our mowers but the sand helps keep the surface smoother and also helps with drainage and compaction.  

We are taking the opportunity with the great weather to bang out a few tees.   We can do four holes in a day with no problem and it really doesn't impact play.  

This past Monday, it was my honor and privilege to host a group of citizen scientists from Rutgers.   They are interested in how we manage our native areas for habitat and cost savings.  As always it starts with good greens, tees, and fairways but there are a lot of opportunities on golf courses to provide good habitat for our native critters.    Pictured from left to right are:  

Christina Kaunzinger, an ecologist and an assistant research professor at Rutgers University;

Holly Nelson, the Rutgers University BSLA program director and an associate professor for landscape architecture;

Andrew Malkinski, an undergrad in the Rutgers Landscape Architecture program and an intern at the Rutgers University Golf Course;

Peter Greubel, president of Clifton Landscape Contracting Inc;

Erika Schellinck, an undergrad in the Rutgers Landscape Architecture program and an intern at the Rutgers University Golf Course;

Lisa Jensen, the Rutgers University Golf Course Pro and Manager;

Michael Young, a student in the Rutgers graduate program for Landscape Architecture and pursuing independent research at the Rutgers University Golf Course.

Finally I happened to catch this bee building her nest in one of our bee houses. Glad to help out our native pollinators and nice to see these actually work.   

Thursday, August 24, 2017


We have been busy.   We started Sunday evening and finished up Wednesday.  All greens have been aerified and holes filled with sand.   All the fairways are done and cleaned.   Time for the healing to begin.

We started with the greens on Sunday afternoon.

On Monday, our contractor started aerifing fwys.   They had three machines and were done at 4:00. We take the clean up from there.....

First, we break up the plugs by dragging a mat across them, then blow the thatch into the center.

We then use our sweeper to clean them up.  The process is very dusty. Luckily, we had good weather, the plugs must be dry or they just turn into "mud".

Back to Greens:  On greens we pick up the plugs and compost them.  We then top-dress to fill the holes.   This removes the excess thatch and adds sand that resists compaction and allows for good drainage.

A final brush and roll finishes the process.   By that time things are getting on the dry side so a couple of turns with the sprinklers is just what is needed.

All in all it went very well.   In a couple of short weeks we will be back to normal.   Ready for our big MEMBER - MEMBER tournament.