Tuesday, February 20, 2018


The first day that the Pro-shop will open is Tuesday, March 6th.   Only a few more weeks and if the forecast holds true we may be able to actually enjoy the course.  I know it's wishful thinking (and a long shot) that things will stay this warm but I'm hoping for an early spring.   We just had 7 inches of snow after all.  Club House work is steadily progressing: 

A big day last week when they poured the concrete deck. 

It took a few men and some coordination from the various contractors. 

Finished product looks great. 

Inside is moving along also.  Bar area is starting to take shape. 

View of the course from the new deck.  Too much snow to open but the forecast is for a couple of warm days.  That should take care of the remain snow.   Hope the warm trend continues. 

One issue we will have to jump on this spring is Moss on greens.  We need to make sure we get this under control before it becomes a bigger problem. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


The big show that is... our national conference where everything in golf course maintenance can be found.   I spent a lot of time with vendors.  Meeting some new ones and seeing some old ones.   

We have been using a software program called Trims for many years.  It tracks labor, equipment, inventories, budgets and many other items.  I use this all the time.   For  example,  in 2016 we spent 1910.5 hours raking bunkers or $29,691.00.   We spent 1285.40 hours mowing greens or $24,347.00.   In 2017 we spent 1675 hours raking bunkers or $26,383 and spent 1243 hours mowing greens or $22,960.   Most people are surprised that we spend more time and money raking bunkers (hazards) then we do mowing greens.  Except for other superintendents who know this all too well.    In any event it was nice seeing Susan and Lee again.  They are based in Arizona so I only get a chance to say hello once a year.  They are also constantly updating and improving their product.   More to follow on that front.  I have some work to do to improve my Daily Job assignments using trims.  

This year they built a green to show the latest technology in bunker maintenance, construction and design.   I hope to put this to good use in the near future when we start our bunker project.  

Lastly,  On my plane ride home I had the opportunity to meet the Rutgers "Turf Bowl"  winners. From left to right:  Daniel, Zhongqi Xu, Raquel Schwartz and James Surico.  Daniel and Zhongqi are exchange students from China.   Definitely future leaders in the turf business.   I was impressed that they were able to keep the check in one piece!!!   

Monday, February 5, 2018


Over an inch of rain last night has made the course a little too soft to get around with the bigger trucks so we opted for smaller vehicles this afternoon.  Just means we make a few more trips but we keep the disturbed areas to a minimum.   

Owel' filling our small bucket loader with stump shavings and will load into a smaller cart that easily fits on our paths.   The holes will later be filled with soil from our compost area.  Then we will sod the disturbed areas.  

Club house work is moving along.  Setting some of the steal beams.  For the expanded patio.  

Trimming the hedge along the path that leads to 11 tee.   It had become quite over grown.   

  Wood chips and logs will be ground up later this year and used as mulch next year.   We have accumulated quite a lot of them.   

In closing I am proud to say that we made the news:  

Monarchs in the Rough was featured in the Midday Magazine news report by WAMC, a local NPR affiliate.  WAMC has a huge following and covers portions of New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Jersey, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. The segment came about because WAMC followed up on the press release Audubon International and the Environment Defence Fund recently issued about our partnership to develop Monarchs in the Rough. You can listen to Marcus Gray and myself in the segment by clicking below:

A special thanks to all of you at Rockland for your support.  We have shown that golf courses can be maintained at the highest level while providing areas for wildlife and pollinators.   


Tuesday, January 30, 2018


As we come to the end of our first month of the new year we have made steady progress.  Our tree project is coming to an end.  All the selected trees have been taken down or pruned and stumps have been ground.  We still have to pick up some logs and clean up the stump shavings. Next, we will fill the holes with soil from our compost area and then sod.  We will do that as weather permits.   The hedge and fence in our parking lot have been removed.  The area looks much neater.  Work in the club house is also progressing.  Perhaps the most important piece "the bar" was starting to be installed yesterday.  Who knows what February will bring but what ever happens we will keep making progress. 

 Perhaps the most important part of the renovation?   I can see Artie serving a cold one pretty soon!!!!

Along with the Hedge being trimmed we took down this unsightly fence.   As they say you only get one chance to make a first impression and I would hate to have someone pull up to this.   

See what one warm Saturday can do.   Mr. McFadden, Mr. Roger Daly, and Mr. Mario Mastrotto getting some fresh air and exercise.  Can't say as I blame them, it was a beautiful afternoon. 
This handsome fellow had the same idea.  Honestly, I can't  tell if it is a Cooper's hawk or a Sharp-shined?   Any birders out there who want to take a stab at it? 

 Lastly and most importantly we are "ice" free.   There still is some frost in the ground but for the most part we are looking good.  We are by no means out of the woods as it pertains to winter damage but so far so good.   Keeping my fingers crossed.