Wednesday, July 4, 2018


We are in the middle of a heat wave.   This one comes a little too early in the year for my liking.   although there is no such thing as a good heat wave, some are worse than others.   We have to be a little more cautious because we have a long summer to get through.  If this was the middle of August for example we could count on cooler weather to be right around the corner.  Another factor that does not change is day length.  The days are shorter the end of August and unlike the weather, you can count on that.  So we have not pushed green speeds this week and will wait for this weather pattern to change.   The greens have gone a little off color but we plan on fertilizing (spoon feeding) them tomorrow and that should help.  So far so good. 

Looking pretty good despite the weather.   Greens are a little off color but with a little tender loving care should rebound shortly. 

A fairly full pond this time of year is always a good thing. 

Jay and Dave Kaplow from Eco-Management, Inc.   Dave is spending some time getting to know Rockland and will make specific plant recommendations based on soil types and locations.   We have designated several areas that will be addressed this fall and Dave is doing a plant inventory to see what will be the best plants that don't get too thick so golf balls can be found.  Native areas are complicated. 

A wren has made a home on the left side of 5.  He is singing away. 

A flicker, feeding the chicks in a hollow tree on the left side of 14.   Noisy little fellows. 

Friday, June 22, 2018


Our three day member-guest is now underway.     Lot's of preparation.  Greens double cut and double rolled.  Fairways and approaches mowed and bunkers hand raked on top of finishing a little path work!!   We were able to finish just before yesterday's tee off. 

Mulched path needed some attention so we decided to dig out a few inches and add some QP to
 form a solid base then we added gravel to the top to make a smooth surface.  
Finished product.  As time allows we will be working on other paths.  

Everyone gathers at the half way house to grab a quick bite after the first match,  quickly add up scores and see how all the
other matches stand.  Now..... Grab a new score card, and head out for the next round.

So what's going on with our native areas?     Actually a lot and as you can see a lot of information is posted 
on our bulletin board.   The subject of native areas has become very interesting to say the least. I don't know any course
that doesn't have a few areas that most would deem to be "native".  At the same time Native areas seem to
mean something different to everyone.  Some feel that they include native plants?   (Most don't) or thin wispy grasses?  Actually the areas that would be considered "native" in our neck of the woods would be.... yes woods.  However I have never heard anyone address the woods as a "native area".   Which means what are they and why have they become so popular?    The main reason for establishing these areas to me is the responsibility of managing our properties as environmentally responsible as possible.   We as an industry have done a bad job letting the golfers know how much our industry is under attack.  For example right this minute in Albany there is legislation to eliminate several pesticides that would make maintaining our current standards almost impossible.  There is even a move to reduce the amount of nitrogen (the first number) that can be in a bag of fertilizer. Golf and lawn care are viewed as polluters to many.  If golf is not perceived as a benefit to the community it will only be a matter of time before we lose these tools.  Not to mention being viewed as water wasters!!  Thanks to the few who battle these issues on our behalf that have kept things in check but the tide is rising and the forecast is not good.  

Other reasons for these establishing these areas include saving money and manpower, save water and other inputs.   They can add aesthetes and strategy to the course and finally provide habitat for pollinators and other wildlife.    I’m getting long winded and thanks if you have read this far.  This will be my first of many thoughts as we delve more into this subject.    We have made a lot of plans here at Rockland and I’m looking forward to enhancing our “native areas”.  

Sunday, June 10, 2018


As the saying goes you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.   A special thanks to Bill Luthin for Seeding our putting green with a Demo seeder.  (at least we will thank you when the seed starts to germinate. In the mean time--patience).   We are hoping to purchase this machine later this year to help seed some roughs and other areas.  It is very versatile and can be used throughout the course. 

Thanks Bill for seeding our putting green.   It will pay dividends in few short weeks. 

A close up view of area.   Slits will fill in fast once the seed germinates. 

We installed the fountain in the pond on 8 this week.  No small task.  It doesn't look big floating in the water but we need the bucket loader and dump truck to move it around.   
Picture of Fountain in Action. 

This colorful bird is a green heron.  Water adds a special element to any landscape.  The pond between 4 and 5 has attracted this bird where I think it has a nest.   Keep your eyes and ears open to get a glimpse of this handsome fellow but hopefully your ball is not in the pond!!!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2018


The start of June has us moving.  Most of our time is spent mowing and we are getting our usual spring complaints about "tough" rough.  With Memorial Day behind us the UN-official start of the summer season is here.   Time to finish projects and concentrate on maintenance.   We have been waiting for the completion of the club house patio so we could landscape the area.   Looks like we are close.  Only a small area needs to have pavers installed then we can begin the process. 

Almost complete.  

 Getting a jump on a typical Saturday Morning:    Double cut greens,  Roll greens and hand rake bunkers.   Change cups and tees, empty garbage,  check moisture levels  etc, etc. 

Oil Spill in pond???  It has us very concerned.   spreading very fast!!!!!!

No it is just our Pond Dye.   By darkening the water the sunlight can not penetrate to the bottom and this helps keep weeds in check.   It is bio-degradable and non toxic. 

Nice to see the Blue Birds are doing well.