Sunday, June 10, 2018


As the saying goes you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.   A special thanks to Bill Luthin for Seeding our putting green with a Demo seeder.  (at least we will thank you when the seed starts to germinate. In the mean time--patience).   We are hoping to purchase this machine later this year to help seed some roughs and other areas.  It is very versatile and can be used throughout the course. 

Thanks Bill for seeding our putting green.   It will pay dividends in few short weeks. 

A close up view of area.   Slits will fill in fast once the seed germinates. 

We installed the fountain in the pond on 8 this week.  No small task.  It doesn't look big floating in the water but we need the bucket loader and dump truck to move it around.   
Picture of Fountain in Action. 

This colorful bird is a green heron.  Water adds a special element to any landscape.  The pond between 4 and 5 has attracted this bird where I think it has a nest.   Keep your eyes and ears open to get a glimpse of this handsome fellow but hopefully your ball is not in the pond!!!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2018


The start of June has us moving.  Most of our time is spent mowing and we are getting our usual spring complaints about "tough" rough.  With Memorial Day behind us the UN-official start of the summer season is here.   Time to finish projects and concentrate on maintenance.   We have been waiting for the completion of the club house patio so we could landscape the area.   Looks like we are close.  Only a small area needs to have pavers installed then we can begin the process. 

Almost complete.  

 Getting a jump on a typical Saturday Morning:    Double cut greens,  Roll greens and hand rake bunkers.   Change cups and tees, empty garbage,  check moisture levels  etc, etc. 

Oil Spill in pond???  It has us very concerned.   spreading very fast!!!!!!

No it is just our Pond Dye.   By darkening the water the sunlight can not penetrate to the bottom and this helps keep weeds in check.   It is bio-degradable and non toxic. 

Nice to see the Blue Birds are doing well. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


I have gotten several questions regarding the Bamboo stakes.  They serve a dual purpose. 
We put new ones out every spring.  

The main purpose is they mark our irrigation valve boxes.  We sometimes use the blue bird boxes for the same reason.  

Our second reason is they are nesting sites for Bees.  This is how some of them overwinter.    All kinds of hollow stems are used.  Remember their are over 4000 different types of bees native to North America.   Many of them need our help because of loss of habitat.  

Last weeks storm is a memory for most.  The course is pretty well clean but we still have a few, off the beaten path areas to clean up.  The staff did a great job with the clean up.    

We have a very full compost area.   We will need to spend some time before this fall otherwise we will have no where to put the leaves!!!

Stay tuned for my next post:  getting ready for the unofficial start of summer and native area enhancements.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Yesterday's storm has us scrambling today just to get the place playable.   With so much to do, this is just what we don't need.  Forecast is not good.  Fingers crossed we don't get too much rain tomorrow.  
Lost a nice tree between 6 and 7.  
Large limb down between 13 and 12.  

 Tree at Range.  Will not be missed but will take time to clean up.  

Spring clean up all over again!!  Staff working hard to get the place cleaned up ASAP.